Equine Ergonomics Module 1

only available in German Course Content: Theoretical and practical introduction to equine ergonomics. You will learn about the 9 points of basic saddle fit – where the saddle support area is and how the saddle should fit to avoid long term back damage for both horse and rider.

  • Historical perspectives: the use of horses through the ages necessity to luxury
  • Growth phases of the horse – how the saddle needs to accommodate these changes
  • Anatomy of the horse – shoulder movement, reflex points, 18th thoracic vertebra
  • Repercussions to horse and rider if the saddle doesn’t fit
  • Long term damages for the horse
  • Male and Female Human Anatomy
  • Choosing a gender appropriate saddle
  • Static and dynamic saddle fit
  • Measurements and completing the evaluation form
  • Determining the saddle support area
  • Equine and human biomechanics
  • Saddle adjustability
  • Tree width and angle
  • Tack/accessories
  • Limitations to saddle fit
Target Audience
  • Riders
  • Horse lovers
  • Equestrian groups/organizations
  • Retailers/saddle sales people
  • Saddlers
  • Equine veterinarians, osteopaths
  • Equine body workers
  • Trainers
Prerequisite It is suggested that applicants read “Suffering in Silence: the Saddle fit link to physical and psychological trauma in horses” by Jochen Schleese (2013, 2015, 2017 Trafalgar Books) available on Amazon.com. This gives all attendees the same introductory basic level of knowledge and allows the formulation and discussion of any questions which may arise from the book. Registration Submission of the online registration page with the acceptance of the company policy will guarantee you a reserved spot for 14 days – which will be confirmed after receipt of the course fees on account. Measurement tools will be available after completion of the equine ergonomics course. Catering (meals, snacks, drinks) is included. Accommodation and travel has to be paid and organised by every participant individually. We recommend to take out an insurance in case of illness, cancelation, etc….for your travel expenses, participation fee, etc……

Date / Time
09.02.2019 – 10.02.2019
@ 09:00 – 17:00

Gut Anstelburg GmbH & Co. KG

Typ of Course
Module Course Equine-Ergonomics

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